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The Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, instinct, loyalty, and spirit. The Wolf represents strong connection with instincts and intuition, high intelligence and communication – qualities we all should aspire to. 


Training - Wolfinance Consulting

Wolfinance Consulting offers comprehensive Training & Development, specializing in multiple disciplines and covering all primary areas.

Team spirit and efficiency is extremly important in an organization in order to keep the motivation up to speed.

Therefore, we offer Training in both technical and spiritual areas such as:

  • IT Skills to boost the efficiency at work
  • Team building exercise to work as a team
  • Self awareness to be more in sync with yourself
  • Presentation Skills



Consulting - Wolfinance Consulting

Wolfinance Consulting brings significant industry expertise and a  cross-functional perspective. 

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most immediate needs, major concerns,  and opportunities in all of the critical functions: 

  • Basel Regulatory issues
  • IT/Risk/Finance Issues
  • International (Business) Law issues



 - Wolfinance Consulting